Helen verDuin Palit
Founder & President, Maple Leaf Harvest | America Harvest Inc.
Helen verDuin Palit, At a Glance

Helen verDuin Palit is also the Founder and President of America Harvest Inc., an organization with one simple insight: Being more efficient distributing the good food that is already being prepared—and thrown away—every single day. There, Ms. verDuin Palit is able to teach millions of people the importance of generosity, altruism and benevolence by simply not wasting what is being disposed of for a better use—feeding millions of hungry people around the world. Ms. verDuin Palit has fed, and continues to feed, men, women and children all over the globe, and she has served 9 billion meals since 1981. Using innovative, cutting-edge techniques, Ms. verDuin Palit has paved the way to modernization in hunger relief, teaching individuals and non-profit organizations how they can be a part of a larger solution.

Ms. verDuin Palit regularly trains people to open charities in their cities—she is the heartbeat of it all. She meets people, and then chats with them to get an understanding of what jobs they’ve had, and what charitable work they’ve done, and gets to understand their ways of thinking, and their strengths. She reaches into their very being, and strives to understand just who they are, then speaks their language, so that they can understand her method for wanting to get out there and help others.

In 1983, the W5 Channel did stories on Ms. verDuin Palit, and filmed her NYC Harvest program that she established; after this footage was shot and filmed, it was aired nationwide throughout Canada. Ms. verDuin Palit has been written about in over 404 publications including The Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Fortune Magazine, Christian Science Monitor, People Magazine, Los Angeles Times, and many more periodicals. This summer, Ms. verDuin Palit looks forward to doing the Pan Am Games.

Ms. verDuin Palit has earned the following honors and awards over the years:

Ms. verDuin Palit is being recognized for her professional experience with strategic planning, leadership development, operations management, logistical systems, and entrepreneurship during her three decades of innovative work as a pioneer in food recovery globally. Food recovery programs collect the un-served perishable food (hot, cold, fresh and frozen) donated from all types of companies and food industries then within the hour, deliver it free to emergency feeding programs to serve hungry and homeless men, women, and children that day. These programs have served meals to 8 billion individuals and counting since 1981 – and it has often been quoted as being the best food in the city.

Helen verDuin Palit
Founder, President - Maple Leaf Harvest
Founder, President - America Harvest Inc.
Specializing in Strategic Planning
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