Helen verDuin Palit
Founder & President, Maple Leaf Harvest | America Harvest Inc.
Helen verDuin Palit | Founder & President, Maple Leaf Harvest | America Harvest Inc.

President George Bush named Helen verDuin Palit his Fourth of the Thousand Points of Light for Community Service on November 29, 1989.  His mandate for each of the Points of Lights to replicate their program in any community that needs that service for their people.

Helen verDuin Palit was prompted to establish Maple Leaf Harvest, an organization that serves as a non-for-profit food rescue organization and is dedicated to finding long-term, inventive solutions to the issue of food inequality and hunger in Canada. Ms. verDuin Palit is taking Maple Leaf Harvest all across Canada, throughout every city, town and village, in an effort to feed as many people as possible.

From the Facebook page:

How many times have you been to a catered event, a company conference or a restaurant, thinking that there may be good food leftover and wasted?

Our society is confronted by a very profound paradox where an abundance of food is currently going to waste and yet many people remain hungry. Maple Leaf Harvest, a Canadian non-for-profit corporation, provides the solution by utilizing new technologies, advanced logistic methods, food companies and emergency feeding agencies to feed the hungry men, women and children of Canada. The hungry and homeless need an organization that acts as a dependable link that connects the community's resources to the community's needs, effectively and efficiently.

Maple Leaf Harvest works according to the “just-in-time” delivery model, which is proven to be much more cost-efficient and flexible than traditional approaches used by old-type food banks.

Ms. verDuin Palit has garnered a reputation of distinction and prominence for all of her hard work and industriousness. She was named a Dame by the Russian Royal Family, and she is also in the process of writing a book, titled “Neighbours Feeding Neighbours,” which is set for a February 2016 release date.

If you are interested in learning more about Helen verDuin Palit, please contact her.

Helen verDuin Palit
Founder, President - Maple Leaf Harvest
Founder, President - America Harvest Inc.
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